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Diary of an unborn child - view text

Diary of an unborn child

“If only I had a voice”

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If only I had a voice - view text
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My body! My life!


By Alan Thorne, Director, Created4Life


A few years ago I was a guest speaker in a debate attended by about 120 students. I was up against a pro-choice, philosophy lecturer from a local university. The opinions of the students, 50:50 male:female were equally divided on the subject of abortion. He was applauded and cheered by many in the audience when he declared, “You have to remember, it has to be the woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body.”


Whose body?


Many in the audience cheered even though, in seminars earlier that day, they’d seen the pictures of developing pre-born babies and learnt from biology, that the baby is definitely not part of the mother’s body. The unborn child is a separate body growing within the womb. Having an abortion is not the same as clipping toe-nails or donating a kidney. Abortion ends the life of another human being. It’s not the mother’s body, rather it’s the growing body of another person: her baby.


It’s true that the mother will experience many changes during the pregnancy. She may not be pleased about being pregnant, the inconvenience, the morning sickness, the changes to her own body, and a whole host of things that I, as a man, will never know first-hand. But there is a common misunderstanding about conception and pregnancy...


Bringing a baby into the world


Through our work with Created4Life, we often talk with women who are pregnant but some are considering an abortion. One such lady was agonising over this and said, “I don’t know whether to bring this baby into the world.” The decision is not about bringing the baby into the world. The baby is in the world already and he or she is very much alive! Do people say this because babies can’t normally be seen in the womb? The real question is whether or not her child is going to be allowed to continue to live and be born.


Whose life is it anyway?


When someone states, “It’s my life!”, it reminds me of song from years ago. The title: “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” The girl at her party may want to cry, throw a tantrum, make a scene and cause the party guests to feel awkward. No big deal, children do that and everyone forgets about it. But abortion is far too serious a matter to think only of oneself. There’s another life involved and that person’s future hangs in the balance.


The word ‘life’ has two meanings here. It is crucial to note the difference. “It’s my life!” can mean ‘lifestyle’ as in,  “It’s my life and no-one, not even the baby, has the right to mess up my lifestyle!” A baby will certainly demand great changes to a mother’s lifestyle. That is true of us all. We were all very demanding of our parents and some of us still are!


The second is when ‘life’ means ‘the opposite to death’.  A pregnant woman is very, very, very unlikely to be at risk of death by continuing with the pregnancy. In contrast, the chances of a baby surviving an abortion are virtually zero.


A sad irony


One of the things that saddens us most in this work, is when women tell us their own stories of abortion. Instead of solving a ‘crisis pregnancy’, the abortion solved nothing. For many, it was the start of numerous problems, anxieties and guilt. For others, abortion caused physical complications, subsequent miscarriages or infertility. One woman told us, “I had an abortion 20 years ago when I was 19. That was the only time I ever conceived.”


A defiant “My body! My life!” attitude bears no fruit. The only ones to benefit are those in the abortion industry. The abortion providers have a vested interest when they offer ‘help’ in a crisis. Individuals, families and societies suffer harm every time a child’s life is ended by abortion.


About the author: Alan Thorne, born in England in 1957, has been involved in public speaking and campaigned on behalf of the unborn for the past 20 years. He has spoken on the streets, in schools and debated at universities. He is a blues musician and enjoys sailing. He co-founded Created4Life in 2007 and has developed new and effective ways to reduce the demand for abortion and help those struggling from an abortion experience in the past. Visit the website to see this new approach in action. www.created4life.org

The decision (whether to have an abortion) is not about bringing the baby into the world. The baby is in the world already.

~ Alan Thorne, My Body! My Life!