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Diary of an unborn child - view text

Diary of an unborn child

“If only I had a voice”

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If only I had a voice - view text
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“Dad! Can’t you do something to help?”

Hey! Wait a minute! Don’t you freak me out kid! Your mum’s only just told me she’s pregnant. How come you’re talking to me? You’re just a clump of cells!

“Der… Dad! Didn’t you learn anything at school? You’ve been my Daddy for over seven weeks now – since you and Mummy, well, you know… I’m sure I don’t have to explain everything!

“You should see me now – I’m nearly eight weeks old! I’ve got arms to wrestle you with, a pair of legs with more football skill than you’ve ever had, a brain which is thinking about all the things we’re going to do and a pumping heart longing to love you! I just wish you’d use your head and your heart to do something about my situation!

“Dad! I know you know that my abortion is booked for next Tuesday, 11.00am. Don’t you have any idea what they’re going to do to me?

“Dad! Don’t leave all the decisions up to Mum. She needs your support right now. It’s all to do with her hormones. She really wants to keep me. She told me that... but she thinks you don't want me!

“Dad! Did you know that, in law, I have no human rights until I’m born and you have no rights as my father? Stupid politicians!

“But there must something you can do. Dads are supposed to stand up for justice and protect innocent little ones like me.

“Dad… Dad… Are you listening? Soon it'll be too late...”

There are things you can do to help. If you need advice please contact us.


Baby at eight weeks from conception

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Through this story and our work, we hope that any woman who is pregnant will be encouraged and supported to give birth to the baby.


We hope that anyone who is struggling from a past abortion will also talk to us. Our service is free and confidential.

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You should see me now – I’m nearly eight weeks old!

~ ‘If Only I Had A Voice’, by Alan Thorne