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Diary of an unborn child - view text

Diary of an unborn child

“If only I had a voice”

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This is a real, live motion scan of an 11 week old embryo. You were once like this!

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“I cannot think of a more worthy cause.”

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If only I had a voice - view text
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“Created4Life - reducing the call for abortion”

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Talking with you helped me to see things differently ... Thank you.


Mother Pleased She Changed Her Mind


“You helped me 12 months ago. I was pregnant, confused and was planning to have an abortion. Talking with you helped me to see things differently and I decided not to have the abortion. Here’s my little girl! Thank you so much.”


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Cambridge University Pro-Life

Cambridge University Start Created4Life Display Table

Members of Cambridge University Pro-Life Society are recording their progress using a Created4Life Display Table in the City Centre. Click here for latest team updates...

Created4Life Display Table is Easy To Use!

Two volunteers, both from South London, were soon at ease using the Created4Life Display Table. Find out more about how you can too...

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Breaking The Stereotype

Created4Life have developed a new and effective approach. Find out more...

This is a real, live motion scan of an 11 week old embryo. You were once like this!


4D Scan

Non Political,

Non Religious and Not a Protest

Face to face, in public, engaging with people of all ages. Seeing positive results

What Animal Species is a  Human Embryo or Foetus?

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Video with a powerful message

Great Song And Video For The Unborn - Caitlin Jane - "Unborn"

Video produced by Glen Elliott

Record your story!

Send us a short video of your personal story that we can use on this website. Your story could help others to choose to give birth to their unborn child. If you have a mobile phone that can record video, make a clip that lasts no more than five minutes. Then send it to video@created4life.org  Thanks.

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On Baby Development


Created4Life Posters

Poster 1: When Did You Begin? Scientific answers from embryologists on reverse

Poster 2: Life-sized photos of foetal models plus quote by Professor R. Dennehy

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Students Try Display Table in Durham

Durham University Pro-Life

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Read Rachel’s first impressions as they start out on their own...