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Diary of an unborn child - view text

Diary of an unborn child

“If only I had a voice”

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If only I had a voice - view text
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Are you a student at university?

If you are and you’d like ideas, support, work- experience or a display table for use on campus (complete with training), please contact us now!

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First experiences... by Rachel (president of the Durham University Pro-Life Society)

We were very excited to welcome Sue and Alan to Durham - their calm confidence really helped us overcome any nerves we had about taking the pro-life message to the streets of Durham for the first time!

We set up the Created4Life display table in a busy area of town, and before long people were stopping to have a look, and to discuss what they saw there. The life-size models seemed to interest people most, as well as a photo of a baby seven weeks from conception, which one of our fellow students described as “amazing”.

At first we watched and learned from Sue and Alan’s conversations with passers-by, before having a go at manning the display table ourselves. There were some really encouraging conversations with people, including a discussion with four girls, which ended with one of them saying “You’ve completely changed my mind about abortion”.

There were some disheartening moments, and it felt quite discouraging when people didn’t stop to look at the table, however we felt positive about the day as a whole, and are looking forward to taking the display table out again next week.

Going it alone...

We ventured out into sunny Durham again to run the Created4Life table, this time without the helpful guidance of Alan and Sue!

After a depressingly slow start, passers-by seemed genuinely interested in the models and pictures. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of people, from all ages and all walks of life, who were also pro-life. Many of them seemed really pleased to see us out spreading the pro-life message, and their encouragement helped us through the quiet patches!

Our confidence took a bit of a knock when one woman was very hostile towards us, and walked off shouting. Sadly she didn’t stop to talk, so we didn’t have a chance to put forward our side of the argument- this was quite frustrating!

However, we finished the morning on a positive note, and are feeling good about taking the table out again.