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What this training course is about


The purpose of this FREE short training course is to equip you with the skills, knowledge and attitude* needed to run a Created4Life Display Table.


It is a practical ‘how to’ manual as well as a training program designed to help you think through some of the issues that arise.


Created4Life methods work well. They are different from other approaches you may have seen or been involved with before. Created4Life methods are built on over 20 years experience engaging with people in public. The Created4Life Display Table has been developed in Britain for the past four years through frequent visits to town centres and also to university campuses.


We want to pass on to you what we have learnt so that you will have the confidence to run a Created4Life Display Table yourself.


Five Essential Qualities: you will need to be…

Convinced that all human life is precious, from the day of conception

Compassionate and Concerned

Caring – caring enough to do something to help

Courageous – not worrying what other people think

Committed so that you don’t give up


Hopefully this manual will encourage you to go to where people are, set up a display table and start making a positive impact into people’s lives, supporting families and encouraging the birth of every child conceived.


*This course will only tell what attitude we think you need. Your attitude to other people is something you’ll have to work on yourself!


Enrol today!


It’s easy and FREE to join and complete the course. There are no fees for you at all. You will be assigned a tutor who will take a personal interest in you and your progress. The course is divided into units. You will need to complete each unit then receive feedback from your tutor before proceeding to the next unit.


On successful and satisfactory completion of the course, we will post to you a certificate but, at the present time, this course is not accredited by any examination body or academic institution. But you will be better equipped to run a Created4Life Display Table - which is why you started the course!


To begin this course, please complete the next page. We need just a few details about yourself so that we can register your enrolment...