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Diary of an unborn child - view text

Diary of an unborn child

“If only I had a voice”

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If only I had a voice - view text
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A life saved!
A young lady accepts a leaflet. Two weeks later she returns saying, “I showed the leaflet to my boyfriend and we have decided to keep our baby.”
Helped but still grieving
A young lady returned to the Display Table, thanking us for our help. Her abortion a year ago grieves her but she is much comforted by meeting and chatting with us. (Miss N, Kent)
I was raped
“I have a two year old son but not by someone I love or loved. I was raped, but I still kept my baby. Having an abortion didn't cross my mind, not for one second. I can’t believe women would even think of killing their own baby. “More than 500 a day makes me sick. So many women want children but can’t. It’s so sad. “I’m glad people like you are sticking up for unborn babies.” (Miss T, Kent)
Created4Life Dramatically Saves Lives!
At the Created4Life Display Table: a woman announced to her family while pointing at us, "These are the people I met at their table in [another town]. They changed my mind about aborting your little sister!" She is now nine months old and the mum and family wouldn't give her up for the world.
We posted this on Facebook
We’ve just heard of another life saved through the work of Created4Life! The baby is due to be born in next two weeks. Friends of a pregnant woman had seen our Display Table and then encouraged her not to have the abortion.
A comment was then posted on the story above on Facebook
“I would also like to thank you i am 29 weeks pregnant now and your display table helped me to decide against aborting my baby im goin to be a young single mum but he is still a baby that is going to need my love thank you so much! E x.”
Often we don’t hear the outcome
“I’m going to have an abortion!” boldly states the 17 year old young lady. We talk: she is 11 weeks pregnant and thinks she is too young to have a baby. I pick up the 10-week baby model. “Don’t show me!” she says, but she looks. We talk about the long-term effects of abortion and the possibility of adoption. She has to leave but she has heard and seen enough to make her rethink about abortion.
A father’s fear and frustration
A Rastafarian man felt so powerless to do anything to save their baby. He is helped after seeing the models and talking with me. His girlfriend had recently conceived but she was undecided as to whether to abort the baby. He was grateful to be able to share his heart and fears.
No solution
A young woman in her twenties admits to having an abortion following rape. Five years on, she says she thinks about the baby every day. She regrets her abortion. (Miss S, Northumberland)
Abortion is, “...hard to live with.”
The young lady comes to the stand, thoughtful. She looks at the models and I quietly explain a little about them. She is pensive and says little. She is most interested in the ten-week model. I ask her what she thinks. She replies, “I think it’s hard to live with”, accepts a leaflet and walks away.

Here are just some of the many comments we receive and also brief summaries of significant events and situations. Anonymity is respected in all our reporting.

Many Under Pressure to Abort
Today we met a young lady under pressure to have an abortion. Another woman who told us that her partner had demanded her to abort her first child. She still struggles with this. Others tell us of financial or career pressures.
“Straight to the Clinic!”
A pro-choice mum told me she would take her daughter “straight to the [abortion] clinic!” if she got pregnant. Later in our conversation she said hadn’t realised the adverse effects abortion would have on her daughter.
A Typical Day!
This afternoon, three ladies came to talk with us after discussing abortion over lunch. It helped them see the issue in a different light. Then there were several expectant mums excited at seeing the baby models. Following this, there were young men, teenagers, children and many others! They learnt that the baby in the womb is as human as you and me; that abortion is not the ‘easy answer’; and that help is available in crisis pregnancy situations.
The power of a twelve week old model
At the Display Table today we met a woman, whose sister, 12 weeks pregnant, is considering abortion. She accepted a 12 week baby model to show her sister. Another time someone told us that they had taken one of these models to show her pregnant neighbour. The effect had been to change her mind about having an abortion.
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