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Diary of an unborn child - view text

Diary of an unborn child

“If only I had a voice”

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If only I had a voice - view text
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Here is a list of questions we are often asked. We try to answer the best we can. Click on the questions...


“What about abortion in the case of rape?”

“What about abortion in the case of incest?”

“What if the child’s going to be disabled, with no quality of life?”

“What if it’s not the right time?”

“Are early abortions better for the baby?”

“Do aborted babies go straight to Heaven?”

“Don’t  you think that abortion is a woman’s right?”

“You people trying to make abortion illegal will force women underground and have unsafe, backstreet abortions!”

“When Does Life Begin?”

“I don’t agree with abortions after viability but it’s ok before that”

“Abortion is a Catholic issue”

“If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one!”



“What about abortion in the case of rape?”


Rape is a dreadful crime and a terrible ordeal for the woman, physically and emotionally. It is often assumed that an abortion should be carried out because it is believed that the child would be a constant reminder of the rape and the rapist. It is thought that it would be unfair to expect the woman to give birth to the child conceived in this way. However, a different picture emerges when you ask the victims of rape what they think.

Women who were raped and became pregnant tell a different story to that which people imagine. There are three main situations: one group of women conceives and has an abortion; another group gives birth and offers the child up for adoption; yet another group gives birth and keeps the baby.


When asked about their experiences and how they coped, women in the first group struggled the most. “Eventually I got over the rape but I’ve never got over the abortion.” “I think about my baby every day.” These are comments made by two women who were raped. Others refer to the abortion as a second rape.


Women who gave up their baby for adoption say that they weren’t able to raise the child themselves but they believe that they have done the best for themselves and their child.


Most striking is that those women who kept their babies say things like, “Something beautiful came out of something really bad.” and “He’s my beautiful boy and I wouldn’t change him for the world.”


There are other people to consider too. What about the half brother who stood up in a classroom when the subject of rape and abortion came up? He said, “My mother was raped and now I have a little sister who’s five. We love her to bits!”


Let’s not forget the other innocent victim too: “My biological father is a rapist. But my life isn’t worth any less than yours because of the way I was conceived. I did not deserve the death penalty because of the crime of my father.” was a comment made by Pam Stenzel. Another person conceived through rape said, “It doesn’t matter how I began. What matters is who I will become.” See Created4Life leaflet: What About Rape?


“What about abortion in the case of incest?”


Incest is an appalling crime committed against a young person. Sometimes a child is conceived. If the baby is aborted then the pregnancy may go unnoticed. The abuser will probably continue his abuse, perhaps for years. There have been occasions when the pregnancy of the child has meant that the abuser gets caught and sent to prison so that he cannot reoffend. Abortion can lead to further abortions and will aid the abuser to continue the abuse.


As in the case of rape, it is helpful to ask the child victim their opinion. Incest can seriously scar a life but victims have said that their baby brought something good from the horror and they were relieved that the abuse had ended.


Again it is wise to look from the baby’s point of view too. He or she is another innocent victim who doesn’t deserve to be killed.


“What if the child’s going to be disabled, with no quality of life?”


A man stopped his wheelchair at the Created4Life display table. He looked at the display and then commented, “I’m 60 years old and I’ve only needed a wheelchair for the past six months. I have spina bifida (a serious malformation of the spine causing disability) but I’ve had a good life. You’re doing a good thing here.”


As a society we tend to care for the disabled these days but only after they are born. Babies discovered with disabilities in the womb (such as spina bifida) are routinely aborted. The medical profession often exerts pressure on mothers to abort when tests come back positive.


All human life is precious. One disabled person put it this way, “I’d rather not be disabled but I never said that I’d be better off dead!”


“What if it’s not the right time?”


Reasons given include, “It will interrupt my career”, “I can’t afford a baby right now.”, “I’m too young.”, “I’m too old.” or as a result of a relationship outside marriage, etc., etc.


The answer: think of the new life within the pregnant mother. What is more important: a life or a career? What do children need: possessions or love and care? Young mothers cope when given support. Older mums do ok too. In the case of relationships outside of marriage: two wrongs don’t make a right.


In all the above, abortion does harm to the baby and to the mother, father and wider family.


Not the right time? The baby thinks it’s exactly the right time! And many  of us were unplanned. Our parents made adjustments and coped. They didn’t abort us.


“Are early abortions better for the baby?”


No! We can all trace our history back to the day when we were conceived. If your mother had taken the ‘Morning After Pill’, you wouldn’t be here. If she’d had a later abortion, you wouldn’t be here. An abortion ends the life of a small human being. To suggest that early abortions are better because, for example, they will be less likely to feel it, is no argument for ending a life. If you give me an anaesthetic and then cut my throat, it won’t hurt. But I will still be dead. So please, don’t do it!


What is best for the baby? Birth.


“Do aborted babies go straight to Heaven?”


This is often used as an unspoken excuse not to do anything to stand up for the weakest members of our society. If it’s true that ‘all aborted babies go to heaven’, then why should we bother to rescue them? Would the proponents of this view apply this same reasoning to the killing of infants and toddlers? The killing of any innocent person is wrong. To minimise the seriousness of this, by saying something like, “They’re in heaven now, it’s not so bad”, is a grave error.


Please note: the statement above is often used when counselling women who have had abortions and struggle to cope. It may help them to deal with the pain and the guilt frequently felt. However, a problem with this is that a woman may think it not so bad to abort babies (since they go to heaven anyway) and have another abortion in the future.


The idea that ‘aborted babies go to heaven’ should never be used as an excuse for inaction in rescuing babies from abortion.


“Abortion is a woman’s right!”


Abortion ends the life of a human being who is growing in his or her mother’s womb. No-one has the right to kill another innocent human being. See Created4Life leaflet: A Woman’s Right?


“You people trying to make abortion illegal will force women underground and have unsafe, backstreet abortions!”


Our reply, “We don’t want women to have backstreet abortions any more than you do. We encourage men and women to choose to keep their babies.”


Actually, and this may come as a surprise to some pro-lifers, Created4Life doesn’t spend time campaigning to make abortion illegal. If it was made illegal again then many would find ways (through the internet, backstreet or privately etc) to obtain an abortion. Instead, Created4Life spends its time working in public showing the humanity of the unborn and encouraging people to choose to give birth to their child. That way they won’t choose to get any kind of abortion, legal or otherwise.




When Does Life Begin?” cited from www.standforlife.net

Some in the pro-choice community will give uninformed or flippant answers to the question: When does life begin?
"Oh, nobody can agree on that."
"Nobody really knows."
"How can that tiny speck be a human?"
"Answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade." (Barack Obama)

The answer among embryologists is that life begins at conception:

Dr. Ronan O'Rahilly and Dr. Fabiola Muller, Human Embryology and Teratology,2nd ed., p.8, (1996): "Although life is a continuous process, fertilization is a critical landmark because, under ordinary circumstances, a new, genetically distinct human organism is thereby formed."

Keith Moore and T.V.N. Persaud, in The Developing Human, p.16, (2003): "Human development begins at fertilization when a male gamete or sperm unites with a female gamete to produce a single cell - zygote."

Dr. M. Krieger, The Human Reproductive System, p.88, (1969): “All organisms, however large and complex they may be when fullgrown, begin life as but a single cell. This is true of the human being, for instance, who begins life as a fertilized ovum.”

William Larson, Human Embryology, 3rd ed., p.1, (2001) Male and female sex cells "unite at fertilization to initiate the embryonic development of a new individual."

Robert P. George and Christopher Tollefsen, Embryo - A Defense of Human Life, p. 53 (2008): "The combining of the chromosomes of the sperm and the oocyte generates what every authority in human embryology identifies as a new, distinct, and enduring organism ... the direction of its growth is not extrinsically determined, but is in accord with the genetic information within it. The human embryo is then, a whole, though immature, and distinct human organism - a human being."


“I don’t agree with abortions after viability but it’s ok before that.”


By the term ‘viability’ people mean the age at which a newborn could survive. Typically, a visitor to the display table will pick up the 20-week baby model and say, “They can survive when they’re born at this age. They (the government) should lower the age limit for abortions to 12 weeks.”


The baby born prematurely at 20 weeks may survive, provided he or she is given intensive medical support and care.


Now, suppose a baby can survive outside the mother’s womb at a much earlier stage. Forget ‘weeks from conception’. From day one, conception. This is not science fiction anymore. Human Beings are created in test tubes when a human egg is fertilised by a human sperm. The name given for this is IVF, in vitro fertilisation. Normally the newly formed embryo is implanted into the mother. But, given the ‘progress’ of modern technology, the new tiny Human Being could be nourished to develop artificially. Would we then say that babies are viable from conception?


Actually the correct view, medically and scientifically, is to say that, yes, babies are viable from conception. They simply have to be in the correct location – their mother’s womb!


It is a false argument to say that, since a baby will die outside its mother’s womb at ten weeks, it’s ok to kill it by abortion. It’s like saying that, if you put me on the moon I’ll die, so it’s ok to kill me on earth.


Babies at all ages from conception are viable, provided that they are not removed from their mother’s womb until they are ready to be delivered.



“Abortion is a Catholic issue”

That is a diversion from the real point: abortion is a humanitarian issue which affects all of humanity. People will often make a comment when they pass by the Created4Life display table without stopping. They say, “I’m not religious, this has nothing to do with me.” Abortion ends the lives of  the youngest members of the Human Family. One of the darker traits in many adult human beings is that, when seeing injustice or victims of crime, they walk on by on the other side of the road. Abortion is an issue that should provoke compassion from us all. Compassion for the mother and the child growing within her.


“If you don’t like abortion, don’t have one!”

Our communities are affected by the actions of individuals. For example, I don’t like illegal drugs and I hope the police catch anyone dealing drugs. Can you imagine the judge’s response to the drug dealer’s statement in court, “If you don’t like drugs, Your Honour, don’t take them!”?


Sadly, abortion is available in many countries. Created4Life aims to persuade people not to choose an abortion since it will rob them of their child and will probably cause them sorrow and guilt.


Abortion is not good for anyone.





“The being that is now you or me is the same being that was once an adolescent, and before that a toddler, and before that a foetus, and before that an embryo. To have destroyed the being that is you or me at any of these stages would have been to destroy you or me.” Robert George, philosopher